Slow Movement & Slow Fashion

What is Slow Movement ?

Carlo Petrini’s protest against a fast-food chain in 1986 started the Slow-Food (slow food) movement with the slogan “Good-Clean-Fair”, and this movement, which includes many subcultures, started the Slow Movement.

Slow Movement is a social movement that criticizes fast modern life and advocates a cultural change that will transform speed and modern consumption patterns in different areas of life.

“Slowness”, the philosophy of the slow movement, is expressed by the snail. But that doesn’t mean doing everything at a snail’s pace. On the contrary, he draws attention to the necessity of performing activities in different areas of life in a more satisfactory way and at the right pace. It is an emphasis on living in the moment, on the value of time.

What is Slow Fashion ?

Slow-Fashion, which emerged as a part of the slow movement, also supports local tradesmen, the use of environmentally friendly materials, and values producers and consumers by protecting crafts and the environment. It advocates sustainable, environmentally and nature-friendly, ethical fashion in production.

Encourages the local, the durable and the timeless in consumption.

In slow fashion, domestic production, that is, the use of domestic labor and domestic resources, is essential. Against the waste of resources and labor.

The production process takes place as transparently as possible. Although trends (trends) in fashion are temporary and consumption-oriented, products in slow fashion are classics. In other words, it does not belong to a certain time and is long-lasting.

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